The World's First Virtual Reality Display Village

The Virtual Reality display village was launched at ACMI by Rory Costelloe of Villawood, accompanied by the Minister for Planning, Richard Wynne and Seb Chan, Chief Experience Officer ACMI.

VR users will be fully immersed as they explore a highly-realistic three-dimensional computer-generated simulation of homes within a display village. The initiative is part of the Rathdowne community in Wollert, with the intention to roll out to other locations around Victoria at a later date.

Eight Homes is excited to be part of this collaboration as we believe it to be a game changer for the new home building industry and could revolutionise how we buy homes in the future.

The virtual display village will be launching to the public at Rathdowne on April 14 where you will be able to view Eight Homes’ Coby 2-23 home design in VR!

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